Of Mice and Men Chapter 3

As we dive further into the book, at chapter three, we can see different themes emerging. We also see the development in the themes we already have identified. The themes that we have already discussed is dreams, friendship and loneliness. I believe we get a greater sense of what friendship Lennie and George really share. George seem to have known Lennie’s aunt, who passed away, and they also seem to become friends with the fellow workers in the bunkhouse. They also share their dream of buying their own, self-sufficient, farm with Candy. I also believe the theme loneliness is recaptured by Candy’s dog being shot. This makes Candy a bit lonelier than before.

The mood seems to be quite calm and uplifting in the beginning. This was because they become friends with some of the guys on the farm. They also get a lot closer to their goal by sharing their dream with Candy. At last the mood became more tense, because Carlson shot Candy’s dog. At last Curley punched Lennie and Lennie broke Curley’s arm in fear.

I believe the way Curley and Lennie “fought” will bring the story forward. This is because we do not know what Curley will do when he comes back from the hospital.

“After a long time they get mean.” – This is George’s quote. He says this because the men who work on farms travel alone and work on different farms a lot. The reason he says that after a long time they get mean is because they are alone for a long time, not having anyone to talk to.

«Lennie reached for a face card and studied it, then turned it upside down and studied it. «Both ends the same,» he said. «George, why is it both end’s the same?»  – This is Lennie’s quote. To me this seems like a childish curiosity and not having seen Curious George since I was eight, this kind was my first affiliation when I read it.

«I ought to of shot that dog myself, George. I shouldn’t ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog.» (Candy) – I believe he said this because it was his dog and he has raised the dog. He obviously had a close relationship with his dog and maybe thought it was unfair to the dog that anyone other than him would end its life.

Thoughts on Mice and men

I believe Steinbeck uses this this way of starting his novel, because it sets the mood for the rest of the story. The descriptions of the nature are very thorough and makes the reader really understand the surroundings and setting of the novel. I believe he succeeds in grabbing the readers attention because the descriptions are so thorough. If the descriptions were not as comprehensive, I do not believe the reader would have read through the first page of the book. The reason I really liked this way of starting the novel is because it really made me thing of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.


My first impression on the main characters George and Lennie was that George was a small chap, but smart and Lennie was huge and dumb. Afterwards I found out that it was a bit more complicated, but this was my first impression.


The themes I pick up on in the first chapter is the American dream and friendship. This is because they want to be able to buy their own land and start a self-sufficient farm. They also seem to have a close relationship. This is because George takes care of Lennie even though Lennie seems to be a handful sometimes. They also mention something about an aunt, which makes me think that they have known each other for a long time.


The mood in the text seems to be optimistic, but a bit tense. They both seem optimistic about getting a job at the ranch and starting their own farm. But it is also a bit tense because the seem to really depend on this job, and Lennie implies to get on Georges nerves sometimes.


I would describe their friendship as a genuine friendship, almost like they are brothers. But it also seems like George is the big brother and their mother said he had to take his little brother, Lennie, with him. He also have to take care of Lennie as a big brother would have to take care of his sibling. All in all, based on my first impression, I would describe this novel as a mix between Frankenstein and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Comparing “Eveline” and “The sea change”

The following week, we have read the two short stories “Eveline” written by James Joyce and “The sea change” written by Ernest Hemingway himself. In the following text I will compare content and theme, writing style, mood and modernistic traits. At last I will see if they both have used the iceberg style of writing, then conclude with my favorite short story.

“Eveline” is, as said, a short story written by James Joyce. James Joyce tells the story of a girl who is experiencing violence at home. When she was young, she did not have this problem, because her mother was still alive. However, when her mother died the situation worsened.

“The sea change” is a short story written by Ernest Hemingway. The story is about a couple who sits at a bar. The text is mostly dialog and you must really read between the sentences to understand what is going on. We get to understand that the woman is in love with another woman. This seems to be hard to accept for the man. In the 1930’s, homosexuality was a quite controversial topic.

The iceberg style of writing is a style of writing introduced by Ernest Hemingway. The style of writing means that the story has a much deeper meaning, then it seems at first glance. When Hemingway writes, you only get the tip of the iceberg, the rest is under water and you have to analyse it quite well to get the full story. Hemingway used this technique much more in his story “The sea change” than Joyce used in his story “Eveline”. I believe “Eveline” is easier to read, but I find “The sea change” more interesting to read.

Some traits of modernism which I have seen in the texts is the outsider, truth and openness. In “The sea change” the woman who is homosexual is definitely the outsider. In the 1930’s it was very controversial to be gay. She was also quite open and truthful when she confesses her sexuality to her husband. In “Eveline” the truth about what her father does to her comes easily through in the short story. I liked “The sea change” the best. This is because I like Hemingway’s style of writing, meaning I like not to be given all the information. It makes you use your imagination more.


This is just to say – Group discussion

In today’s “class” me and my croup have looked at the poem “This is just to say” by William Carlos Williams. I liked the poem and I do believe most of our group did. The poem was quite simple, and I could somehow relate to the poem. William Carlos William talks about how he ate the plums that someone was saving for breakfast. I could somehow relate because I often eat food that my sister was saving. I thought this was quite humoristic and I do believe it was intentional. I also liked the poem because of its simplicity and transparency.


We also somehow compared the Poem to other poems such as “The man with the blue guitar”. “The man with the blue guitar” is however no as simple and transparent. We discussed how it seemed like William Carlos William almost made fun of how complex and hard other poems are stating that you do not need to make a long and complex poem to relate to the reader and make them think.


At last, we read the other modernistic poems. I actually liked the poem we discussed the best. This was because it was not to complex and hard to read. I could also somehow relate to the poem and thought it was humoristic. It did however have some structure to it unlike the poem “Untitled” which I actually thought was a bit too simple.

The English Victorian Age and Myself

During the time we learned about The British Victorian Age, I have learned a lot of interesting things. I do however believe that the most interesting and fun subject we have worked on during this period was the brief presentation we had about the people who lived double lives in this period. These were people who on the outside seemed to be good citizens and could often have respected lines of duty. The Victorian people who lived these double lives could often be doctors or successful business owners, but really were killers or robbers.


So, what was the thing I liked the least? I honestly liked most of what we have worked with during this period. However, if I had to choose one thing, I do believe it was the poem “Dover Beach”. The reason I liked working with this poem the least is because I am not a huge fan of poems. This poem did not have as much rhythm as many other poems as well, so it was my favorite thing to work with.


Since I liked to work with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the Victorians who lived double lives I would definitely like to learn more about that.


Pride and Prejudice – Questions

I believe the most important message of the story “Pride and Prejudice” written by Jane Austin is as the title says, pride and prejudice. In the movie, Elizabeth is very quick to judge Mr. Darcy after Mr. Darcy made a rude comment that Elizabeth is “Barely tolerable”. However, to Elizabeth’s defence, Mr. Darcy is too proud to show any emotions to a girl of lower social status. I believe the message in the story is that you should not be too proud, as Mr. Darcy was in the beginning of the Story. The message is also that you should not judge someone by one comment they made, like Elizabeth did. However, luckily for everyone, they both changed a lot during the story.


The story is a novel of manners because it addresses the issues of class there were in the olden days. At the time the story was written, the society was dominated by social status. A specific example of this was when Lady Catherine forbid Elizabeth to marry Mr. Darcy, because she wanted him to marry her daughter, because she was as rich as Mr. Darcy when Elizabeth was relatively poor.


My favourite secondary character is Mr. Bennet. I like him because it is obvious that he loves his daughters, but still he was calm and wanted them to do what they wanted. He did not push his daughter to marry someone just for economic reasons. An example of this is when he Elizabeth wanted to marry Mr. Darcy and he did not want her to marry him unless she liked him no matter how rich he is.


I believe “Pride and Prejudice” is so popular today because it shows a strong, independent woman which stands up for her beliefs. Those morals are very important even in todays “equal” society. Elizabeth is also a very good role model for many girls and maybe even boys.

Poe’s “The tell-tale Heart”

What does the title “The tell-tale heart” tell us? Is it a good title? Why? Why not?

The title “The tell-tale heart” is in my opinion a good title. I believe it’s a good title because it tells us roughly the plot of the story and what will be one of the main “subjects” in the short story, which in this case, is the old mans beating heart and how his heart will haunt his killer into confessing.


“very, very nervous I had been and still am; but why will you say that I am mad?” Write your thoughts on Poe’s opening sentence.

I believe this sentence was made as a foreshadowing, to make the reader understand that it might be a mad man talking. But you are not quite sure, because he is questioning “Why will you say that I am mad?” He is also stating that he is very, very nervous which makes me feel like something is going to happen, but we are not quite sure what yet.

The English enlightenment and myself

During this period, when we have learned about the English enlightenment, I have learned a lot about especially travel novels from the period. We have worked with “Robinson Crusoe” and “Gullivers Travels”. I especially liked working with Robinson Crusoe because I really liked the story. I did not like “Gullivers Travels” as much as “Robinson Crusoe” just because I don’t like almost “fairy tales”. I like that the story is somehow believable, and not crated of many fantasy worlds. I also liked to make a character analysis about Friday. Listening to other’s presentations was also something I really enjoyed and learned a lot from.


I actually did not like Mary Wollstonecraft’s “Vindication of the rights of woman” as much as the other texts, simply because it was quite hard to read and contained a lot of very difficult and advanced words which I had to look up. However, the excerpt we read was really clever and I liked the was she used irony to prove her points and almost made fun of the men who wrote the French constitution.

The renaissance and myself

I feel like we have learned a lot of different things about the renaissance this period. We have learned about, writings, poems, plays, music, art and more from the renaissance. However, I believe the thing I liked the most to work with was how we compared Hamlet to The Lion King. After seeing Hamlet, watching The Lion King gave me a whole different understanding of what they based The Lion King on. I was also glad that we saw the movie, instead of reading the whole play. I felt like that saved us a lot of time and tired eyes.

What I liked the least to work with was the poetries and Sonnet 18. The reason I liked this the least was because I am not a huge fan of poetry. It was however interesting to see how the poetries Shakespeare wrote stands out from “regular” poetry. Don’t get me wrong. I do like poetry, I just thought it was the least interesting thing we worked with in this period.

Question; How many words and pages are the original Hamlet play.